Birding in Abundance

From a birding perspective, Saint Lucia is very accessible being just 27 miles long and 14 miles wide and is probably one of the most important of the Lesser Antilles as it holds six single island endemics. This gives Saint Lucia the distinction of having the highest number of endemic birds in the Eastern Caribbean region. To download the Birding brochure, please click here

Some beautiful sites

Millet Bird Sanctuary

PeweeLocated in the heart of Saint Lucia, the Millet Bird Sanctuary Trail is a haven of bird life. Over thirty species of birds can be found here, including five endemic species: the Saint Lucia Parrot, Saint Lucia Black Finch, Saint Lucia Oriole, Saint Lucia Pewee and Saint Lucia Warbler. This trail provides a breath-taking view of the Roseau Dam, the largest in the Eastern Caribbean.

Des Cartier Rainforest Trail

The trail is situated 6 miles inland from Micoud on the main Castries to Vieux Fort road. This is one of the best birding sites in Saint Lucia. Visitors have a good chance of seeing the rare birds, especially the Saint Lucia Parrot.

Vieux Fort Wetlands

St. lucia ParrotbigThere are a number of pools and wet areas where a river has been diverted at the western end of Hewanorra International Airport. The area is approximately 6 acres and it attracts several bird species throughout the year. Many species of ducks, herons, sand pipers, plovers, egrets, gallinules, rails and other shorebirds and waterfowl find a temporary place of sojourn at the pond.

Gros Piton Nature Trail

The Gros Piton Nature Trail takes you to the top of one of Saint Lucia’s famous volcanic peaks, where a breathtaking view awaits you. It is also an excellent spot to see the Saint Lucia Wren around the broad middle zone forest. You can also spot some other endemic birds as you make your way to the summit.

Take a tour

Whitebrested ThrasherA number of birding tour operators offer package tours for bird watching holidays in Saint Lucia. Here’s a few:


Mot Mot

Nature Trek

Wild Wings

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